Adding embeddings


This guide provides detailed instructions on how to manage your clusters, including viewing cluster information and adding entries to your cluster. We'll cover how to navigate to the cluster management page, view cluster details, and add embeddings to your cluster.

  1. Accessing Cluster Options: On the dashboard page, locate the list of your clusters. Each cluster name in the list is accompanied by a three-dot menu icon on the right side.

  2. Opening Cluster Management: Click on the three dots next to the cluster name you wish to manage. Select the option to go to the cluster management page from the dropdown menu that appears.

Cluster Management Page Overview

Upon entering the cluster management page, you are presented with comprehensive details about your selected cluster:

  • Cluster Information: The page prominently displays essential information about the cluster, including its name, size, total document count, and the embedding model used.

  • Management Options: Below the cluster information, you will find two buttons:

    • Add an Embedding: This button allows you to add new embeddings to the cluster.

    • Search Through Our Cluster: Use this button to search for existing entries within the cluster

Adding an Embedding to the Cluster

  1. Initiating the Addition: Click on the "Add an Entry" button. A modal window will pop up, offering you options to add either a text embedding or an image embedding.

  2. Choosing the Embedding Type:

    • The modal presents two tabs: one for adding a text embedding and another for adding an image embedding.

    • Select the tab corresponding to the type of embedding you wish to add.

Adding a Text Embedding

  • Text Embedding: In the text tab, you'll find a text input field where you can enter the content you wish to embed.

  • After entering your text, click on the "Add" button located below the input field to submit your entry into the cluster.

Adding an Image Embedding

  • Image Embedding: Switch to the image tab to upload an image. Here, you can either drag and drop an image file or click to select a file from your computer.

  • Once the image is uploaded, click on the "Add" button below the upload area to add your image embedding to the cluster.

After Adding an Embedding

After clicking the "Add" button, your entry (text or image) will be processed and added to the cluster. You can see vector count in the cluster management is also updated to reflect the latest status. You may receive a confirmation message indicating the successful addition of your embedding. This process enhances the cluster's data and allows for more comprehensive search and analysis capabilities within your cluster.

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