Api key generation

Important Notes

  • One API Key Per User: Our platform supports only one API key per user. Generating a new API key will invalidate any previously issued key.

  • Security: Keep your API key confidential. Do not share it in public forums, code repositories, or with unauthorized individuals. Treat your API key as you would your password.

  • Regeneration: Should you need to regenerate your API key for security reasons or if it is compromised, you can do so by following the same steps. Remember, this will replace your existing key.


This document provides a step-by-step guide for generating an API key within our platform. An API key is essential for authenticating and interacting with our APIs, allowing for seamless integration and automation of tasks. Please note, our system supports only one API key per user, ensuring secure and simplified management. Generating a new API key will replace any existing key.

Accessing API Key Management

  1. Navigate to Your Account: Log in to the platform and navigate to your account dashboard. This is typically accessible through a profile icon or account menu located in the upper right corner of the interface.

  2. API Key Section: Within your account dashboard, look for the API Key section in the sidebar. This section is dedicated to managing your API key, including generation and viewing.

Generating Your API Key

  1. Create API Key Button: In the API Key section, you will find a "Create API Key" button. This button is designed to initiate the generation of a new API key.

  2. Confirmation Prompt: Upon clicking the "Create API Key" button, you may receive a confirmation prompt. This serves as a precaution to ensure you are aware that generating a new API key will replace the existing one.

  3. Generate Key: Confirm your intention to generate a new API key. Upon confirmation, the system will automatically generate and assign a new API key to your user account.

Viewing Your API Key

  1. API Key Table: Below the "Create API Key" button, there is a table that displays your newly generated API key. This table includes two crucial pieces of information:

    • API Key: The alphanumeric string that serves as your new API key. This key is unique and should be kept secure.

    • User ID: Your unique user ID assigned by the platform. This ID is associated with your API key and account.

  2. Copying Your API Key: For convenience, there might be a copy icon or button next to your API key, allowing you to easily copy the key to your clipboard for use in API requests.


Generating an API key on our platform is a straightforward process designed to enhance security and ease of use. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly generate and start using your API key for all your integration needs with our APIs. Should you encounter any issues or have questions regarding API key management, please refer to our help documentation or contact our support team for assistance.

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