Delete cluster

Steps to Delete a Cluster

1. Navigate to Your Dashboard

Log into your account and access the dashboard where your clusters are listed. This is typically the main page you land on after logging in.

2. Locate the Cluster

Identify the cluster you wish to delete. Each cluster is usually represented by its name along with other details such as status and actions you can perform.

3. Access Cluster Options

For the cluster you intend to delete, locate the three dots (often referred to as the "More Options" icon) on the same line as the cluster name. Click on these three dots to reveal a dropdown menu with various actions.

4. Initiate Deletion

In the dropdown menu, find and click on the "Delete" button. This action might have a trash can icon next to it, depending on the design of the dashboard.

5. Confirm Deletion

Upon clicking "Delete," a confirmation prompt will appear. This step is crucial to prevent accidental deletions.

  • Read the Warning: Carefully read the warning message. It typically explains the consequences of proceeding with the deletion.

  • Confirm: If you are sure you want to delete the cluster, confirm the action by clicking on the confirmation button, which might be labeled "Delete," "Confirm," or something similar.

After Deletion

Once you confirm the deletion, the system will proceed to remove the cluster from your dashboard and delete all associated data.

  • Deletion Process: The time it takes to completely delete the cluster can vary based on the cluster's size and the system's current load. You may see the cluster status change to "Deleting" or it may be removed from your dashboard immediately.

  • Verification: After a few moments, refresh your dashboard to ensure the cluster has been successfully deleted.


You can see the logout on the bottom-left corner of the page

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