Client initialization

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Install the BagelDB Client

To install the BagelDB client, use the following command in your terminal:

pip install betabageldb

Configure Environment Variables & Initialize the Client

For using privately owned datasets, it's necessary to configure your user_id and api_keys. This allows BagelDB to create isolated data instances for you.

import os
import bagel
from bagel.config import Settings

# Set environment variables (Optional)
os.environ['BAGEL_API_KEY'] = 'your_api_key_here'
os.environ['BAGEL_USER_ID'] = 'your_user_id_here'

# Configure Bagel server settings for production
server_settings = Settings(

# Initialize the Bagel client
client = bagel.Client(server_settings)

# Test server connectivity

# Retrieve server version information

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